420 lei

The Next Evolution in Rotor Performance. The World’s Best Quality Rotor.
  • Greener grass with less water – Rain Curtain™ nozzles deliver superior uniformity.
  • Faster to install with matched precipitation rate using MPR nozzle set.
  • Versatility: lots of different models available to cover all applications.
  • 5004PCR: Part circle with pressure regulator system and pre-installed nozzle, size 3.0
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Radius: 7,6 to 15,2 m
Radius with radius reduction screw: 5,7 m
Pressure: 1,7 to 4,5 bar
Flow rate: 0,17 to 2,19 m3/h
Angle of trajectory:
– Standard angle Rain Curtain™  nozzles: 25°
– Low angle Rain Curtain™  nozzles: 10°
¾” female bottom threaded inlet