1,880 lei

Pop-up Sprinkler – Long Range 8005 Rotor – Covers now a Wider Radius Range !

Now covers a wider radius range (from 12 m to 24,7 m)
Greener grass with less water – Rain Curtain™ nozzles deliver superior uniformity
Save time and replacement costs with this vandal and abuse resistant rotor

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Pop-up height: 12.7 cm
Overall height: 25.7 cm
Exposed diameter: 4.8 cm
Overall diameter: 7.9 cm

Radius: 11,9 to 24.7 m
Pressure: 3.5 to 6.9 bar
Flow Rate: 2.54 to 8.24 m3/h 1” (26/34) BSP female threaded inlet
SAM check device holds up to 3.1 m of head
Rain Curtain nozzles: 04-black, 06-light blue, 08-dark green, 10-grey, 12-beige; 14-light green, 16-dark brown, 18-dark blue, 20-red, 22-yellow, 24-orange, 26-white
Nozzle outlet trajectory is 25°